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We often hear the all-too-familiar story of a homeowner being misdirected into replacing their sewer line or investing in other unnecessary services recommended by other plumbing companies. If you aren’t 100% sure they are telling you the real story, please call us for a second opinion. Sullivan Super Service has a reputation of providing ethical service, which is why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If there is something wrong with your drains or sewer lines, we will let you know – but we won’t create work that isn’t needed.

Pittsburgh’s Drain & Sewer Specialists

When you have a drain and sewer problem in Pittsburgh, Sullivan Super Service can be there quick as a flash to fix it! From clogs to leaks to root intrusions, we have been fixing Pittsburgh’s drains and sewers for over 50 years, all with a satisfaction guarantee. In fact, we’re so sure that we can clear your clogs, solve your problems and do such a good job that we’ll even GUARANTEE your drain or sewer!


Compare the difference when you need fast repairs for your drains and sewers:

Rapid Response, 24 Hours, 7 Days:

Sullivan Super Service is on-call and available 24 hours to solve all your drain and sewer problems. Just pick up the phone and we’ll be there before you know it! We’re on-time, every time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

You’ll be delighted with the standard of service you receive.

Guaranteed Drain Cleaning and Repairs:

We’ll do such a thorough job that we’ll warranty it!

Prices up-front:

Giving you more options, more informed choices before any repairs, and peace of mind. We even have financing options for approved applicants.

Latest Diagnostic Technology:

Including leak locating and fiber optic drain cameras to pinpoint the source of problems. With our cameras YOU can see down the sewer lines yourself.

Drain Clogs:

We can clear all your drain, sewer line and toilet clogs in no time at all! From environmentally friendly biological drain cleaners to high psi jetting – we have the training and equipment to solve your problems FAST.

Drain and Sewer Repairs:

From leaking to collapsed lines, you can depend on us for a professional diagnosis and a range of possible solutions. We have more than 50 years experience of repairing drain and sewer lines in Pittsburgh – you are dealing with the experts at this kind of repair.

Root Intrusions:

Trees love the water in your pipes! And when they find it, they can cause significant damage. Super Sullivan Service can help you with a range of root intrusion solutions, including drain camera diagnosis, leak locating, and a range of root removal techniques.

New Lines:

New drain and sewer lateral lines installed with the minimum of fuss, and the full price up-front.

Both Residential and Commercial:

Helping both homes and businesses, from restaurants to hotels and shopping malls.

For all your drain and sewer needs in Pittsburgh, Sullivan Super Service can be there fast, on-time and guarantee our workmanship. It’s the guaranteed answer to your drain and sewer problems. Call us right now!

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