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Tankless Hot Water

Pittsburgh’s Tankless Water Heaters Experts

For endless hot water when you need it, and energy savings, consider a tankless water heater installation from Pittsburgh’s instant hot water experts. With a range of industry-leading systems, and friendly advice on the various hot water options on the market, Sullivan Super Service can help you today. All of our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee and a level of service that is second-to-none.

Discover the benefits of a tankless hot water solution for your home:

Never run out of hot water:

If you have to race to the shower every morning to get the best of the hot water you can relax with a tankless system – it never runs out of hot water.

Save on heating costs:

As tankless systems only heat water on-demand, as opposed to tank systems which heat the water on the off-chance you’ll need it, you can save on your energy costs for equivalent usage. Heating hot water is one of the main uses of energy in a home.

Help the environment:

By switching from a tank hot water system you can help the environment by lowering carbon emissions.

Longer system life:

Over the life of a tankless system you can also make significant savings by not having to replace the several tank systems that would have been required to be replaced in the same period. Tankless systems have much lower maintenance needs because tank systems are so prone to rust (think about it: put water in a metal tank and heat it, and then let it sit there – it’s a recipe for rust!)

Save today, with nothing to
pay until later:

With Sullivan Super Service you can finance your new system (to approved applicants) so that you can benefit from the energy savings today, and only pay for the investment in the upgraded system later.

If you have questions about the relative merits of a tankless hot water system over its tank equivalent, Sullivan Super Service will be happy to help. We can even come out and give you an estimate for both types of system so that you can compare. And when you choose Sullivan Super Service to install your hot water solution, you can be sure you are getting Pittsburgh’s best service. With our satisfaction guarantee, our industry-leading warranties, and over 40 years of experience servicing Pittsburgh homes and families, it’s a commitment to excellence in workmanship.

For all your tankless hot water needs in Pittsburgh, speak to the specialists at Sullivan Super Service today.

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