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If properly serviced and maintained, older air conditioning systems can be expected to last 10-12 years. But even if properly taken care of, it will eventually have to be replaced, if your home is going to remain cool and comfortable during the summer. Here are some of the signs indicating that it may be time to seriously consider replacing your old unit with a newer, more efficient one from Sullivan Super Service.

5 Signs of Trouble

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1. Lack of cool air

When you turn on the unit and cool air doesn’t start flowing within a few minutes, that tells you it’s not working properly. The lack of cool air may indicate a problem that can be fixed, but it might also be a sign that your old unit is on its “last legs.”

2. Frequent breakdowns

If you’ve been maintaining your system with regular maintenance checkups, but it still keeps breaking down on you, that’s a sign to consider the installation of a new unit. Those repair costs can quickly mount, and at a certain point it just makes sense to replace your old unit rather than continuing to sink money into it. That’s especially true if the warranty expired years ago.

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3. Strange sounds

When your AC unit is operating properly, the noise level in your home should be barely detectable. If you hear strange noises coming out of it – chattering, squeaking, grinding – your unit is basically telling you it's worn out and needs replacement.

4. Foul odors

Like strange noises, strange odors are also an indicator of trouble. Your AC unit should be emitting clean, fresh-smelling cool air. If instead you’re getting a burning or smoky smell from your unit, that’s a sure sign of a serious problem.

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5. Skyrocketing energy bills

If your energy habits have remained the same – you’re not trying to keep the house cooler than in the past – but your energy bills keep going up, that indicates a need for replacement. Those higher energy bills indicate your current unit is either malfunctioning or is losing its efficiency.

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New AC Installation from Sullivan Super Service

If you’re suffering any of these issues, or a combination of them, it’s time to contact Sullivan Super Service for new central air conditioning in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities in Allegheny County. With a new AC installation from Sullivan, these are the things you’ll always receive.

1. The system that’s best for you

When you’re installing a new AC unit, you can count on Sullivan Super Service for fast, friendly service and a professional evaluation of your air conditioning needs. Having a new system that’s correctly rated is essential to meet the cooling needs in your home, while operating at maximum efficiency to prevent your utility bills from skyrocketing on you.

2. Energy savings

A key factor in keeping your utility bills under control is the SEER rating of your new AC unit. We don’t want to get too far into the technical weeds with you, but SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and the higher the SEER rating, the greater your savings in energy costs should be.

A unit with SEER rating of 14 would probably reduce your energy costs by about 7%. In contrast, with a unit having a Seer rating of 18, your savings should be in the range of about 28%.

Our cooling specialists will calculate the possible energy savings of various replacement units, and some of our central AC units come with a SEER rating of 18.9, providing you with significant savings on your utility bills!

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3. A choice of leading brands

At Sullivan Super Service we’re authorized dealers of several leading manufacturers of central AC units. Whatever unit you decide on, you can rest assured you can look forward to years of trouble-free cooling.

4. The highest quality installation services

With Sullivan Super Service, you can also enjoy complete peace of mind with the installation of your new AC unit. We employ licensed, insured, NATE-certified AC technicians who receive on-going training on the latest AC models and energy-saving installation techniques.

5. Great warranties

We’ll help you find units that come with great manufacturer’s warrants.

6. Financing options

We offer 12 months of interest-free payments to qualified customers, and you can even pre-qualify here.

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Air Conditioning Upgrades

If you don’t yet need a new AC unit but want to upgrade your current system, we can handle that as well. The upgrades offered by Sullivan Super Service include programmable thermostats, home temperature zoning, and indoor air quality control.

A Name You Can Trust

Among air conditioning companies in Pittsburgh, PA, there’s no name you can trust more than Sullivan Super Service. We’re family owned and operated, and we’ve been in business for over 50 years. Through three generations of Sullivans, we’ve been meeting the heating and air conditioning needs of families throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny

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Depend On Sully!

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